Who lives where in the District

It’s time for some cool maps. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting on the interesting geographic patterns we see in our local income tax data. Today we’ll start with a map showing the types of families living in different neighborhoods.

The map below shows that in 2013 (the most recent year for which we have data), childless singles dominated almost all neighborhoods. They made up especially large shares of taxpayers close to downtown, in places like Logan Circle, Shaw, U Street, Chinatown, and Dupont Circle. The only neighborhoods in which childless singles weren’t the dominant group were those east of the Anacostia River. There, singles with dependents (known as heads of household for tax purposes), were the most common family type. Singles with dependents made up larger shares of neighborhoods east of Rock Creek Park than those west of the park, with the exception of some neighborhoods in the heart of downtown. Married people—both with and without dependents—were most common in upper Northwest neighborhoods like AU Park, Spring Valley, and Friendship Heights.

For our analysis we excluded certain types of filers, like domestic partners and people filing as dependents, to get a clearer picture of what’s happening with more common family configurations. More details on methodology are below the map.

In an upcoming post we’ll look at how the types of families have shifted within the city since 2002.

who lives where 2013

What exactly is this data? For our analysis we excluded all filers outside of the groups in the map. “Single with dependents” refers to people filing taxes as a head of household with dependents. “Childless singles” refers to people filing as single with no dependents. “Married” refers to people filing as married on the same tax return. We used data from 2012 tax returns. Because people list on their tax forms the address from which they’re filing, we believe most of the addresses on 2012 tax year forms would reflect where people were living in 2013.

3 thoughts on “Who lives where in the District

  1. Wow, this is striking; unfortunately it shows the great marriage disparity between area across the Anacostia river and Upper NW.


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